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Do you realize how it’d change your career if you were that absolutely killing soloist that other musicians can’t stop talking about? 

Your soloing is your edge.  It’s what people remember.
The reason why your phone rings.

Become an Unbelievable Soloist.

Get the Gigs You Want, and Inspire Your Audience
[and Your Bandmates]
Every Time the Spotlight Is on You.

Running Lime Entertainment, we see hundreds of applications from musicians each week who want to work on cruise ships.  So we’re constantly reviewing auditions.

We need to make sure that musicians have all the necessary skills to excel on board, and so a large part of the audition is dedicated to improvisation.

We often watch musicians who have good technique and read pretty well, but when it comes to soloing, they fall flat.

We explain to those musicians that they haven’t passed our audition, and many are surprised.  Or offended.  Or both.  And that brings us to the underlying problem.

Most musicians don’t solo as well as they think they do.

Those who are motivated use the audition to turn things around: they address their issues with soloing and begin to improve.  

Eventually, a very small few will re-audition, pass, and land a cruise contract, but it’s rare.

The majority will either refuse to believe that their soloing is mediocre, or will feel hopeless about improving a skill that’s complex and intimidating.

Now let’s talk about many of the musicians who do pass our audition: musicians who solo pretty well.

We accept them, because they’re good enough for the gig.
cruise line bookers still need to approve them. 

These bookers are constantly receiving submissions from different agencies, and when they review, most skills are considered more or less equal.

What sets the submissions apart?  What makes a booker say “Yes, I’ll take that cat!”?  Soloing.  Play a ripping solo, catch a supervisor’s eye, and you’ll get hired.

This truth applies to the entire performance industry as a musician.  Soloing is the differentiator.  And pretty good soloing isn’t good enough.

If you want to get the call, you have to be great.

As a serious musician, you can probably relate to some of the following:

  • Taking private lessons in the past and maybe even focusing on improvisation.
    But never really seeing a massive improvement.
  • Studying improv in university, but never really feeling like it clicked.

  • Still trying to make use of the advice from your past teachers. That was a long time ago. How are you supposed to remember it all?
  • Discovering that a lot of what you were taught isn’t applicable in the real world.
    Often it’s the content itself.  And many teachers don’t actually gig a lot.
  • Trying to learn via YouTube videos but not knowing where to start.  Can you trust the source?  Plus, you’re receiving no feedback.

  • Putting in all this work and having it go unnoticed by your future employers.
    They don’t get to see your passion and dedication.
  • Hoping you’re on the right track, but not having anyone to talk to who really knows the industry.  Having a mentor would be great, but how do you find one?

These days, we have a tendency to think we can do everything by ourselves.

Books, blogs, videos, free sheet music online.
The internet at our fingertips.

It’s certainly cheaper.  But that stuff will only take you so far.

You need more.  You need direction from someone who’s done what you want to do.

You need guidance from someone who takes a solo and gives you goosebumps.

Someone who you hear play and think:

“Man, you gotta show me how you do that.  I have to know how to sound like that.”

Why is it essential to be an amazing soloist?

Listen to Lime Academy Mentor Felipe Castro.


They call me for gigs because they know they can count on me and my soloing.  No matter what.  Every single time.
If we’re playing live and there’s a problem, they know they can yell at the band, “Vamp over A, and Felipe, solo!”

They know I’ll capture the audience’s attention while they fix the problem.

When I get called in to sub with a new band, I always make sure to play an absolute killer of a solo at sound check.
The band turns to me and says “Holy shit, man.”

They remember that.  They’ll talk about it with their friends.
Word gets around.
Some of them probably run their own gigs and lead their own bands.
And then they’ll call me, too.”

Being a blow-your-mind soloist isn’t just about sounding good during those 16 bars when the bandleader points to you.

You’re a secret weapon.

If the band is in trouble during a song, or there’s no energy during a set, you bust out a crazy solo and all of a sudden, everyone’s back on track.

If everything is going well, you unleash a ridiculous solo and every musician in the group kicks it up a notch.  You can singlehandedly elevate the entire band.

You’re not just another guy who does his job on stage.

An amazing soloist is an asset that every band wants.

Pretty good soloists?  There are a bunch out there.  They show up for the gig, do their job, and go home. 

Maybe they get the call for the next gig — maybe the bandleader can’t find anybody better.

But rock-your-world soloists?  They’re rare.  They get the call, hands down, and the other band members are fist-pumping when they hear who’s going to be on their gig.

You don’t want to be out there struggling for gigs.  You want the gigs to come to you.

You want your reputation to precede you.

You want to show up for an audition with the confidence that while there might be some other great players competing for the gig, nobody’s going to sound like you. 

You want to be that motherf*cker that everyone can’t stop talking about.

Introducing the Lime Academy.

An online platform where serious musicians are transformed into unbelievable soloists by our team of mentors.

Our mentors: top-level professionals whose incredible careers include the gigs you’re dying to get. They’ve accomplished what you want to accomplish.

How does this transformation happen?

Through a hands-on, practical approach that combines all the theory — harmony, rhythm, scales, modes — in a way you can understand it, apply it, and start building your own awesome solos, instilling you with a massive sense of confidence.

The Breakdown?

Live small-group masterclasses to provide you with the tools and application

Personalized 1-on-1 sessions to make sure it all clicks

Supplemental multimedia material, along with recordings of each session

And why mentorship?

Mentorship is like hitting the fast-forward button.
You save time. A lot of time.

You could keep trying to learn on your own, with the books and YouTube videos and sheet music.  We’ll see you in 20 years.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being an old, awesome musician.  But you want to be awesome while you’re still young.

We’ll make it happen right here, right now.

What's included in your program?

5 One-hour Masterclasses, Capped at 6 Musicians

This is where you get all the content: theory, exercises, and tools, along with tips and wisdom.
Your mentor will dive deep into an aspect of improv and give you material to keep you learning and growing for months to come.
The content is exactly what you need in order to grow the fastest.
Their innovative explanation will make it all click.

5 30-minute Private Sessions with Your Mentor

You’ll review the material from the previous masterclass, clarify concepts, go over your questions, dig even deeper, and put it all together.
The feedback here is huge. Your mentor will listen to you play, and focus on those subtle details that nobody’s told you before.
Those little tips and micro-corrections?
They make all the difference.

Supplemental Music, Media, and Session Recordings

You’ll get sheet music and charts, videos from the mentors, and other reference materials to reinforce theory, speed up your learning curve, and keep you busy practicing long after the program has finished.

Plus, all of your sessions are recorded, so you can revert back to them anytime you want.
No material gets lost. Instead, you’ll learn something new each time you rewatch.


Cultivate a Personal Relationship with Your Mentor.

You can never have enough mentors, period.

They’re the kind of people you aspire to be, both personally and professionally, and they’ve done what you want to do.

Every minute you spend with a mentor, you’re learning and growing.  Think about how transformative it’ll be to spend so much time — especially 1 on 1 — with your Lime Academy mentor!

You’ll really get to know them, they’ll really get to know you, and the likelihood that it has a profound effect on your career path is pretty darn high.

Plus, working with them is just flat-out cool.

All Masterclasses and Private Sessions Recorded.

Wish you could remember that golden nugget of wisdom your mentor dropped about halfway through masterclass 3?  Just pull up the video, forward to minute 25, and rewatch it.

The recordings are yours to keep forever, and you’ll be able to use them as reference materials for years, especially with the amount of content you’ll be learning in each session.

An Inside Track within the Lime Organization.

Once you’re part of the Lime Academy, we get to know you as a musician and as a person.

If you’re hard-working, enthusiastic, and responsible, we know all those qualities will likely translate to your professionalism in the gig world, and everyone at Lime wants to see you succeed, whether at sea or on land.

We notice work ethic, and we admire drive.

The completion of one of our programs doesn’t guarantee you a job on a cruise ship, but there’s no question that your deeper relationship with us can only be an advantage and a resource in your quest for future gigs.

Collaboration with Your Group.

In addition to your 10 sessions, we set aside time for you and the other musicians to talk over what you’ve learned, and to put the lessons into practice.

Your peers will provide valuable additional feedback and support, pushing you towards grasping these new concepts and instilling you with the confidence to perform in front of other people.

Plus, you’ll be able to give back yourself — your own feedback will be just as valuable to your peers. 

It’s a win-win.

Access to 1:1 time with Sam and Fede.

When you’re a part of the Lime Academy, you get direct access to its founders.

We’re happy to give you specific feedback on your playing.  Or maybe you want to pick our brains on auditioning, the cruise industry, land gigs, gear, or general career advice.

Set up a chat with us, anytime.

How much would you pay for a program that would change your career?

Say you sign up for the Lime Academy. After the masterclasses and private sessions, you practice your butt off, and you improve. A lot.
You start to get more gigs, and from those gigs, even more gigs.
Better gigs.

Imagine this process over the course of several years.
And the amount of money you’d earn, which, without the Lime Academy to kickstart everything, you simply wouldn’t have.

So again, what would you pay?

We’ve priced each of our programs at $530 USD. And honestly, we think it’s the deal of the century.

What makes it so good? Well, let’s consider one possible scenario:

  • You sign up for the Lime Academy. You practice, practice, practice. You crank your soloing way up. Now, you stand out.
  • You audition for Lime Entertainment. You pass. Lime lands you a cruise gig.
  • An average cruise salary is $2500/month, and an average contract is 6 months. In just one contract, you earn $15,000.
  • After your second contract, in just over a year, you’ve earned $30,000. 

$530 to get to $30,000 in a year?

And that’s not even taking into account all sorts of other gigs you’ll play for the next 5, 10, 20 years, all stemming from that one program you took at the Lime Academy.

But we realized, despite the incredible value and potential payoff for the program, that it’s still difficult for many musicians to afford.

Especially, of all years, in 2020.

So we decided to slash the cost by 40%.

We’re offering up the Lime Academy for $318. It’s practically half off.

And we’re not done.

Get a $200 rebate!

If you take a Lime Academy program, then pass an audition with us, and we put you on a cruise ship at some point in the future, you’ll get an extra $200 back once you’re on board.

That means that ultimately, you’d be paying $118 for a program that — yes, we know it sounds extreme — can legitimately change your life.

And if you have your sights set on a cruise gig, you might want to brush up on your reading. If you buy your improv program now…

we’ll give you the same 40% discount on our sight-reading program!

With both the soloing and the reading programs under your belt, you’re well on your way to becoming a musician performing out at sea.

And finally, because we have unwavering faith in these programs, we offer a…

…Money-Back Guarantee:

if you aren’t satisfied after your first private session with your mentor, and you feel like it’s not going to be a good fit, you have a 48-hour window where you can cancel and get a full refund, no questions asked.

What are other students saying about the Lime Academy?

Play Video
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To recap:

You've got a fully live, personalized program with an insane mentor where the price has been cut all the way down to $318.

A potential rebate lowering the eventual cost to $118.

And a no-questions money-back guarantee.

And the potential benefit? Oh, just changing your life, earning way more money, and getting to do what you love as a successful, working professional musician.

How does all that sound?


Do I really get 1-on-1 time with the mentors?

Yes. You’ll have a private mentoring session every week.

Is the program live or pre-recorded?

Live. 100%.

How long is each program?

5 weeks long; 2 sessions per week, plus extra time for peer collaboration.

How is the program structured?

It’s a combination of 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions and 60-minute group masterclasses. 

You’ll have one of each every week, for a total of 1.5 hours with your mentor weekly.

Is that all I get?

Nope!  Your mentor will provide you with a list of practice materials and repertoire to hone your skills between sessions and continue the process after the program. 

We’ll also connect you and the other musicians in your program for discussions and collaborations so you can help each other grow.

Can I record the session?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we’ll record them for you and send you the link right after each session. 

We believe that you and every other musician who purchases a Lime Academy program should have access to the recordings to revisit them later. 

As time passes, you’ll discover more and more gems in the recordings that you haven’t picked up before.

How is this personalized to me?

Our programs start with a one-on-one chat so your mentor can get to know you and understand your goals right from the get-go. 

Your mentor will tailor each individual session to your specific needs.

What are the masterclasses?

Each masterclass is an hour-long group session where the mentor dives deep into a specific subject, on which you’ll then expand and receive feedback in your individual mentorship sessions.

Who are the mentors?

Glad you asked!  Check out our Crew of Mentors!

Will my program start immediately after I sign up?

Each program has a specific start date. 

You’ll be part of a small group with a few fellow musicians, with whom you get to share your ideas, tools, and understanding of the concepts you’ll be taught.

Does completing a Lime Academy program guarantee me a job, on cruise ships or elsewhere?

Of course not.  Receiving a Law degree from Yale doesn’t guarantee you a job at any law firm, either. 

But these mentorship programs were designed specifically to target cruise ships and similar gigs.  There’s not a straighter path out there, if this is what you want to achieve. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to heed your mentor’s advice, put in the work, and nail that gig.

Is this program for me?

Let’s find out together!  Book a time to talk to Sam (US Time Zone – English). 

No strings attached — this is just a call for us to get to know you and understand your needs better.

We love these chats with our musicians, and we’ll give you our honest opinion on whether you’ll really benefit from our programs, as well as whether any of them are the right fit for you.

Money is tight. How can I afford this right now?

Pay with your credit card and finance it.  Borrow $50 from a few close friends.  Call granny and tell her that you’re about to take a program that will change your career, and you need just a tiny bit of help.

If you really want to join the Lime Academy, but you’re struggling to find the money, let us know.  We’ll always try to help if we can. 

Are you ready to be that unbelievable soloist?

Make that name for yourself?

Boost your income for the entirety of your career?

Make the gigs come to you?

Join the Lime Academy, and get the masterclasses overloaded with content, the private sessions with invaluable feedback, a community full of support, and a mentor to pave the way.

Everything you need to reinvent your career, for $318.

9 am, 3 pm or 8 pm (GMT)

1st Masterclass October 5th
5th Masterclass November 2nd

$530 40% OFF = $318USD

More musicians describe their experience with Lime:

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    These are some of the simplest, shortest and easiest to read Terms and Conditions you’ll ever read.  We created these programs with you in mind; you come first.  Everything here is just stating the obvious, or at the very least, what we believe to be common sense.

    Musician = Client = You
    Mentor = Teacher = Professor

    1. By purchasing any Lime Academy program, you are entitled to:
      1. Five 1-hour group sessions with your selected mentor, at the selected dates and times.
      2. Five individual 30-minute sessions with your mentors.
      3. Any material the mentor might choose to give out.
      4. A rebate, if applicable*
      5. Recordings of the sessions**
    1. Attendance:
      1. Group sessions are scheduled in advance and cannot be rescheduled as they involve multiple musicians.  If you can’t attend, you’ll still receive the recording of the session.
      2. Individual sessions are to be scheduled week by week with the mentor.  Once the session is scheduled, rescheduling is solely up to the mentor and absolutely not guaranteed. This is a very important thing you’re doing for yourself.  Prioritize it over everything else and be there for your session!
    1. Technology: As with any online program, this is dependent on technology.
      1. We rely heavily on third-party companies to perform our services, for which we can’t be responsible, including Zoom, different internet providers, and others.  However, we’ll always do our best to reschedule or restart a session if a major technological problem occurs.
      2. You need to ensure that you have a good, stable internet connection in order to take part in the sessions.

    Purchasing, attending and finishing any Lime Academy program does not guarantee that you’ll pass Lime Entertainment’s audition, nor does it guarantee any other type of employment.  We truly believe that these programs give you the tools needed to become a successful, professional musician, both on land and on board, but ultimately, passing any audition and getting hired is entirely up to you.


    Rebates are eligible to musicians who have not worked on cruise ships until the day of the purchase of the program, who then pass the Lime Entertainment audition at a future date and are subsequently contracted to work on a cruise ship through Lime Entertainment.  Rebates are not cumulative.  You can only claim one rebate regardless of the amount of programs purchased.

    **Recording the Sessions:

    We believe that you and every other musician who purchases a Lime Academy program should have access to the recordings to revisit them later.  As time passes, you’ll discover more and more gems in the recordings that you haven’t picked up before.

    These sessions, as well as any materials handed out by the mentor, are for you, and you only.  You shall not upload it to any public site or share it with your peers.  Don’t forget that you took action; you made the effort to purchase the course to grow as a musician.  It’s not fair that other people, who are not willing to make the effort, like you did, would take advantage of these sessions.  It’s also unfair to the mentors, who are working hard for you, and are musicians, just like you.  And unfair to us, as we’re doing our very best for you to get the most out of these programs, and to deliver as much value as possible.

    Our mentors will always do their best to remember to record the sessions for you, but ultimately, It’s your responsibility to ask the mentor for the session to be recorded.

    Governing Law: 

    State of Massachusetts, USA. 

  • American saxophonist Keith McKelley has spent a lot of time on the big stage, where he’s also made a name for himself with the Aerophone, Roland’s model of the EWI.  Originally from Ohio, he moved to Los Angeles in 2013, where he’s worked as a live and session musician, as well as a producer.

    Keith has shared the stage and the studio with an assortment of artists that includes Usher, Phillip Bailey, Mary J. Blige, Rapper Logic, Jhene Aiko, John Lindahl, Gin Wigmore, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, David Foster, Tyrese, Larry Dunn, Bob James, Harvey Mason, Raphael Saadiq, Andrew Gouche, Solange Knowles, Bill “The Buddha” Dickens, Micki Howard, Angela Bofill, Marcus Johnson, Marc de Clive-Lowe, and others.  He’s also performed on Carnival Cruise Lines and released three original albums.

    Keith continues to be an integral part of the LA music scene, always striving to create music that is at a high level, that will last, and that is absolutely heartfelt.

  • Portuguese guitarist Nuno Monteiro’s varied career includes musicals, tours, cruising, conservatory teaching, a degree in Flamenco guitar, and projects ranging from jazz to blues, pop to rock, and funk to Latin.

    He has enjoyed collaborations with Steve Larkins, Kim Purling, Paul Baker, Mark Anthony, Glenn McNamara, Nijel Rawlins, John Bressler, the Corleone Big Band, and four years of touring with the international vocalist Jose Alberto Reis.  He also toured as the lead guitarist for Mamma Mia! for two years, performing over one thousand shows for over two million people.

    Nuno has also spent multiple contracts performing with Princess Cruises and traveling much of the world.  He currently resides in Porto, where he continues to play, teach, and consistently produce tasty lines on his guitar.

  • Lewis Sutch is a British pianist who has performed all over the world, both solo and with various renowned acts. Conservatory-trained in both jazz and classical piano, he’s since broadened his scope with gigs ranging from pop to blues to rock, through everything from ships to tours to the circus.

    Over the course of two seasons on tour with Giffords Circus in London, he performed to 80,000+ people across the UK, including notable celebrities such as Adele, Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Knopfler, Jennifer Saunders, Jamie Cullum, Hugh Grant and Vivianne Westwood. He’s also had the privilege of playing some of the top venues across England, including Blenheim Palace and Ronnie Scott’s.

    Subsequently, Lewis has traveled to 6 continents as a pianist and musical director for Holland America Line and Royal Caribbean, most recently finishing a year-long run with Postmodern Jukebox on Deck. He currently splits time between the UK and the US, continuing to perform and hone his craft.

  • Oscar Cordero is a trumpet player with a wealth of professional experience, in styles ranging from classical to pop to jazz, and across three continents.  He won the position of Associated Soloist at the National Philharmonic of Venezuela at the age of 17, and would eventually move to Europe for various performance opportunities.

    Among the musicals he’s played are Les Miserables, Chicago, Saturday Night Fever, Beauty and the Beast, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Spamalot, and On Your Feet.  And his performance and touring credits include international artists such as Ray Barreto, Cheo Feliciano, Adalberto Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Isaac Delgado, Paloma San Basilio, Malu, Luisito y Robert Quintero, and many others.

    As has been the case in his native Venezuela as well as Spain, Oscar has become a top-call musician in the Netherlands, where he currently resides, performs, and continues to blast high notes for days.

  • Omer Idan is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger from Eilat, Israel, and there are few places on the planet he hasn’t visited with a guitar or bass in hand.  While studying jazz at the Rimon School in Ramat Hashasron, he formed the fusion ensemble The Boogie Knight, and would go on to tour with other groups such as Los Omres and the Groove Ambassadors.

    Starting in 2015, Omer took his talents to the sea and spent several contracts as a musician and musical director with Holland America Line and Seabourn Cruises, during which time he performed on all seven continents, with hundreds of artists from all over the world, to audiences all around the world.  He’s also had the pleasure of collaborating with Tararam, Laila Malcus, and many other artists.

    Omer has settled back in Tel Aviv, where he continues to perform, produce, and create groovy, innovative music at an alarmingly high level.

  • Hailing from Texas, Mike Brehm is a trumpet player, arranger and composer whose wealth of gig experience ranges from cruise ships to the US Navy.  After graduating from Texas State with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, he went on to play lead trumpet for Carnival Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises for several years.

    In 2016, he joined the ranks of the US Navy Fleet Bands, and has spent the past three years stationed outside of Seattle, Washington, performing and arranging for the Navy Band Northwest.  Through his performing career he has played alongside Tony Vega, Rufus Reid, Bob Mintzer, Michael Philip Mossman, Bob Shephard, and Marvin Stamm.

    Mike has recently accepted a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and will move cross-country with his rad family later this year to begin his Master’s degree in Jazz Performance and light up the northeast with his playing.

  • Argentinian-born Leandro Garcia is a pianist, arranger and composer who has performed on the stages of major cities all over the world, including Barcelona, Rome, Paris, London, Boston, and New York City, in addition to extensive touring and festivals in his native country.  

    He’s also familiar with much of the world’s waterways, having served as a bandleader for Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Lines over the course of several years.  His writing and composing during this time led to his recognition at the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, in the jazz category, for his solo album Despierta, in 2017.

    Leandro also spent time in the Buenos Aires musical theater scene, where he has performed shows such as Chicago and Les Miserables; he’s also been featured as a pianist and vocalist in top jazz clubs around the city, and currently continues to teach, perform, and craft sweet lines on his piano.

  • Hailing from the country of Colombia, Mario Criales is a bassist, vocalist, composer and author who, after winning several awards for bass performance in his youth, has enjoyed a career of touring and performing that has taken him from Honduras to Kenya to Italy.  He has also sailed much of the globe as a bandleader for Holland America Line, and is endorsed by Aguilar amps.

    Much of Mario’s career has been spent as an ambassador of joropo, a hybrid style of music originating in his native Colombia.  To this end, he has given masterclasses at prestigious institutions such as the Berklee School of Music, released an original album entitled Influencias, and published a book, El Bajo y el Joropo Llanero, in 2017.  

    That said, Mario’s passion for joropo has never compromised his love and dedication to other styles, from jazz to pop to classical.  He currently resides in Amsterdam, where he continues to perform, teach, compose, and churn out intoxicatingly groovy bass lines.


  • Carl Mörner Ringström is a Swedish guitarist, arranger and composer.  Since graduating with a masters from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Carl has offered up his musical wisdom through clinics, workshops and masterclasses, and has performed everywhere from tours to cruise ships to various other big stages around the world.

    Notable collaborations include Henrik Linder of Dirty Loops fame, Louis Cole, Virgil Donati, David Binney, Wayne Krantz, Claudia Campagnol, Sidsel Storm, Malene Mortensen, Marius Neset, Snorre Kirk and Vivian Buczek.  He was also nominated for a BMW World Jazz Award in 2015, and is endorsed by Yamaha and Line6.

    After stints in Copenhagen and New York, Carl is currently based in Stockholm, where he continues to write, teach, perform, and transfix listeners with everything from adult chords to thrash metal solos.


  • Multi-instrumentalist Giacomo Riggi’s career has taken him all over the map, literally.  He’s won many awards in his native Italy for both composition and performance in piano and classical percussion; toured Europe, Asia and the Americas with orchestras and jazz ensembles; and sailed around the world as a bandleader and musical director on cruise ships and with Cirque du Soleil.

    He’s collaborated with a long list of artists that includes Danilo Rea, Mauro Grossi, Tony Scott, Garrison Fewell, Marlene VerPlanck, Paul McCandless, and others, and he’s sung with Bobby McFerrin multiple times.  He’s also performed his show Sonic Odyssey as a headliner on Royal Caribbean cruises.  And he’s released three albums as a leader, including Izevarm and Into My Life.

    Giacomo is currently based in Tuscany, where he organizes concerts, explores the musical boundaries of everything from the vibraphone to the harpejji, and continues to learn, experiment, share, and stay curious.

  • Latin Grammy-nominated Felipe Castro is a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist whose 26-year career spans performing, recording and arranging in a variety of styles — from jazz, bossa, merengue, and salsa, to pop, funk, gospel, and house music — for countless Spanish and international artists. 

    His touring credits include names like Tony Succar, Carlinhos Brown, Bonnie Tyler, Matthew Herbert, David Bisbal, Inna, Chino and Nacho, Mónica Naranjo, Ana Torroja, David Civera, Natalia Jiménez, Merche, Malú, and many others, and he has also performed his headlining show on P&O and Princess Cruises.  

    Felipe currently resides in Holland, where he continues to arrange, tour, and crank out earth-shattering solo after solo.

  • Ben Todd is a drummer, percussionist, composer and bandleader from Adelaide in South Australia.  Over the past 10 years, he’s been touring the world with Cirque du Soleil as a featured drummer, percussionist and now-bandleader with 3 of their shows, Corteo, Kooza, and most recently, Volta. During this time, Ben has performed in Japan, Russia, the US, Spain, Canada, France, Belgium and England for a total of over 1500 shows. 

    Prior to joining Cirque, Ben performed with a wide range of artists back in Australia including Kate Cebrano, Paulini, Ben Folds, Doug Parkinson, Rhonda Burchmore, James Morrison, David Campbell, Barry Humphries and Glen Shorrok, as well as pit orchestra work for many musical theater shows including the Australia / New Zealand tour of Cats, Miss Saigon, Grease, Metro Street and The Candyman.

    In 2007, Ben was selected as a James Morrison Jazz Scholarship finalist.  The following year, he was a featured artist at Ultimate Drummers Weekend in Melbourne, Australia, and he would be asked back to perform again in 2015, this time in a duo format with multi-instrumentalist Adam Page.  He’s also released three albums as a leader, including 20Ten and The Ben Todd Quintet.  He continues to tour, perform, and do awesome things behind the drum kit.

  • Originally from central Michigan, Jim Lutz has appeared on stages, in recording studios, and in broadcast media across dozens of major cities around the world, with credits that include Cirque du Soleil, Disney, and the TONY® and EMMY® award-winning production Blast!” 

    From 2010-2015, Jim was the music director and played trombones, keyboards, sequences, and effects on Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza.   More recently, Jim was the associate conductor and trombonist for Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour in New York, served as associate music supervisor for Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour das Musical in Hamburg, Germany, and was the Ableton designer for Cirque du Soleil’s Twas The Night Before.

    Jim currently resides in the greater NYC area and continues to perform, compose, produce and, as he sees it, tell stories, stir emotions, and help to bring a little bit more beauty into our world through music.